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A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Provigeo Health is a Wellness program created by Axene Health Partners, LLC that incorporates a comprehensive and holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  The word Provigeo is derived from the Latin word Pervigeo which means “to thrive or blossom”. Our goal is to optimize the members’ overall quality of life through increased attention to their health and wellness. To accomplish this goal Provigeo has Six Pillars of Health and Wellness that are the core of what we do.

The Provigeo Health program was created with the inherent belief that our greatest potential to achieve our goals will be at the intersection of best in class medical practices and the reliable evaluation of data. Axene Health Partners has built its reputation at the integration of the practice of medicine with actuarial science. Our experienced team of physicians, actuaries and healthcare professionals have come together to create a pathway that incorporates all sides of wellness while attempting to measure, project and assure a higher chance of positive outcomes.

Member Education is Key

Weekly emails are foundational to our wellness program. Each week we communicate with members to share tips on creating a healthy lifestyle.

Six Pillars of Provigeo Health

Provigeo Health Score

The Provigeo Health Score incorporates questions associated with the six pillars of wellness and includes things such as current physical fitness, nutrition habits, mental health, and basic health metrics. This score is used as a baseline to measure progress on the wellness journey. This key information is available to all members for reference and motivation.

Provigeo Health Score

This score is used to create specialized information and educational campaigns for your membership. The Provigeo Health Score can also be aggregated at a corporate/company level to assess effectiveness of the wellness program. While financial ROIs are hard to calculate for wellness programs, progress towards key metrics by members is measurable and provides actionable data.

Wellness Programs

Standard Program

Our core program of weekly content sent straight to each member. Includes extensive wellness content, challenge questions, prize raffles and links to further readings.

  • Weekly Wellness Emails

  • Online Wellness Content

  • Quarterly Recorded Broadcasts

  • Annual Wellness Campaign

  • English and Spanish Languages

  • Knowledge Base and Email Inquiries

  • Wellness Product Discounts

  • Provigeo Health Score

  • Membership Database CRM

  • Monthly Prizes and Drawings

Plus+ Program

Includes everything in the standard program plus additional community and tailored content.

  • Everything in Standard Program

  • Exclusive Video Content

  • Access to live Interactive Broadcasts

  • Summary Claims Data Review

  • Priority Access to Wellness Professional
  • Customized Marketing Materials

  • Online Wellness Community

Premium Program

Everything in the Standard and Plus+ programs along with dedicated wellness coordinator and custom reporting.

  • Everything in Standard and Plus+

  • Individualized Live Broadcasts

  • Onsite Wellness Gathering

  • Actuarial Consulting Retainer

  • Detailed Claims Data Review

  • White Label Branding

  • Dedicated Wellness Coordinator

The Provigeo Health Wellness program is divided into three levels: Standard, Plus and Premium. The standard program brings together all our most popular offerings, with the plus and premium adding upon them and making them more frequent and more customized to the population. At the core of our program is the weekly content sent straight to the member that includes, extensive wellness content, challenge questions, prize raffles and links to further readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should a Company have a Wellness Program?2024-02-29T15:56:15-06:00

Employees are the lifeblood of any good company and the health of the employees is key to happy and healthy employees.  Members will benefit because of improved health and companies will benefit because of improved employee health, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity.

What is the ROI of a Wellness Program?2024-02-29T15:56:27-06:00

Actual ROIs of wellness programs are hard to accurately measure as the often create savings by having something not happen.  It is very hard to measure things that do not happen. Studies have shown as much as 30% healthcare savings from a well run wellness program, therefore a good wellness program should lower the healthcare costs for the company.

What does the word Provigeo mean?2024-05-09T10:52:06-06:00

Provigeo is derived from the Latin word Pervigeo that means to thrive or blossom. The goal of Provigeo Health is to help members thrive in their wellness, health and life.

How does the Pricing work?2024-02-29T15:54:05-06:00

Provigeo is priced on a PMPM (Per Member Per Month) basis, and the monthly price is based on the program Tier chosen and the number of employees.  The more employees the lower the cost will be.

Can a Single member sign up for this program?2024-02-29T15:54:50-06:00

As of now we are only signing up groups for this plan, but do plan to roll out a single member version in the future.

Can Provigeo replace my current Primary Care Physician?2024-02-29T15:55:55-06:00

No and in fact we recommend making all wellness decisions under the supervision of your primary care physician. Though program is overseen by MDs, this is not intended to replace anyone.

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